Felipe Sepúlveda aka Alfacenttauri is a Hispanic Literature and Linguistics student in the UCh and multidisciplinary artist from Concepción, Chile. His work focuses on aesthetic processes concerning technology and the exploration of internet as the main environment for sensitive interactions. Alfacenttauri's artworks goes from digital ecosystems to fantasy compositions. The manipulation of 3D and digital processes are recurring devices that detonates the motifs towards his creation, among the persuit the radical side of digital art, as a way to create narratives that encourages discussion regarding future damaged and the experience from the third world. -César Ch.

2022 Bloom ammonite, piece for Holly+ by Holly Herndon. Sold for 0.1 eth. to blockchainbrett.eth

2022 "Utopia" collection on

2022 Collective interview with selected Artists from "Reloaded" new curated NFT Marketplace, by TUNICA to talk about NFTs, value, decentralization, and Art politics.

2022 Monthly residence on Hong Kong Community Radio, curation of Latin American artists and musicians.

2021-2022 founder and curator on Whole New World Radio.

2021-2022 13 pieces sold and part of the collection of Jimmy Edgar, FvckRender, Arthur Russell, Paola Pinna, Alex Park and others.

2021 Premiere: Alfacenttauri - Oedipus by César Chirinos.

Extinction, 2022